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You Submit your 1st Date.

Then by using the Make Another Booking Arrow Button
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You submit your Next Date and so on.

Wine Tasting Tours of Napa and Sonoma.

Our Vehicles Rates

We have no "Built In Tip" here. The amount is totally your choice and very appreciated.

All Vehicles Are With A Guide Driver And Are Fully Insured And Licensed.

For up to 4 guests:
XL Sedan

$55/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, for Everyday.

For 3-4 Guests:
Mercedes Sedan

$60/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, for Everyday. 

For up to 6 guests. In a Standard SUV.

$50/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, for a Monday - Thursday.

$60/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, for a Friday to Sunday/Holidays.

For up to 7 guests. In a Newer AND Larger SUV.

$60/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, for a Monday - Thursday.

$65/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, for a Friday to Sunday/Holidays. 

In a 6 or an 8 Passenger Stretch Limousines.
Depending on Group size and Availability.

$70/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, for Monday - Thursday.

$80/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, for Friday - Sunday.

11 Passenger Coach Style Sprinter.

A Mercedes Coach Style Sprinter.

$100/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, for Everyday.

12 or 14 Passenger Limousine Style Sprinter.

A Luxury Mercedes Limousine Style Sprinter.

 $115/Hr. with a 6 Hour Minimum, for Everyday.

Your full costs will include a Daily Fee for the:
Distance, Fuel and if any the Tolls.
It includes any taxes.

You will be picked up and driven by an experienced Owner Operator Tour Guide.

No need for you to do anything but enjoy the day!!

To Book:

A 1 Hour Holding Deposit Per Day, is required and implies your acceptance of all of our policies.

It does cover your first hour of service.

Just send us an Contact Us Page or use our Email below.

You can pay with Cash or a CC for the Balance? There will be a Fee for CC use.

With whichever form of payment that you choose?

You will need a CC on file with the Car Service 4 days prior to your date.

It will only be accessed, until the final payment is known or if a late cancellation occurs by the client.

If your date is inside of 4 days when reserved?

The CC number must be given over the phone the day the reservation is made, to the Car Service Owner Operator.

You will also have to sign a contract, between you and the owner of the Car Service as soon as possible.


*Any cancellation must be by Written Notice.*

**A 7 Day Notice for a refund is required.**

*For a cancellation inside 4 Days/96 Hours.*

*You will be billed at 100% of that date's balance.*

*A 1 Day Notice for most itinerary changes is needed.*

*A Bank Fee of 4% Applies to CC Charges.*
**Pets must be Pre Approved**

Thank You,

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